43 in 60 Minutes !!!

We do not normally report on our regular Wednesday night training exercises, but tonight was very slightly different. Our ever imaginative Training Officer set up an exercise, whereby we had to evacuate a large number of ” casualties ” from a ( disused ) railway line, as would be required if we were called in to a major incident, to assist the other Emergency services, at say a rail disaster. ( where our role, amongst other tasks, would be to assist in casualty evacuation to the Ambulance loading point )
26 Team members took part, and managed within the space of one hour to evacuate 43 exercise casualties, in a relay of stretchers and ” walking wounded “

Some of the cast of thousands in tonights exercise.

An excellent Triage Sieve, was in operation by two of our team members who work in A&E Departments, whilst a team member who is a Policeman, went back to old fashioned Police duties, by escorting the ten willing exercise volunteers, back to the casualty site, across a busy main road, in small groups to mimic a larger number of casualties. ( 50 in total, every time they returned to the site for another go, they had a different “injury card ” on their person )
All in an excellent exercise, that kept everybody working very hard. ( Chris Tennant ended up with writers cramp maintaining our radio log, whist Mark Scott, our Treasurer apllied his counting skills to checking in all the exercise casualties ! )