Guest presentation from the Fire Service

We were pleased tonight to welcome to our Training evening, at our Ladybridge base / HQ., Divisional Officer Kevan Whitehead, from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. Kevan, an officer of considerable service, presented a very informative and interesting lecture on Operational and Incident Command, explaining the theory behind this topic, ( with comparisions to the film ” ZULU ” – you had to be present ! ) and how Operational and Incident Command works in the GMFRS, with Kevan being able to cross reference a great many of the working practices to how we do things in Bolton MRT. ( based on his knowledge of our team ).
A video was then shown, illustrating the lecture in actual practice, at fires and other incidents.
A powerpoint presentation was also made by Kevan, on the multi agency working between GMFRS and BMRT., RPMRT and OMRT., as was shown at the recent national Fire Seminar, held in Manchester.
All present thoroughly enjoyed Kevans presentation, which yet again served to foster and promote the friendships, liaison and good working relationships we are now establishing between the Bolton MRT and GMFRS. ( as indeed we have with our colleagues in the Police and Ambulance Services of both Greater Manchester and Lancashire )
Many thanks Kevan from the Team, for giving up your time this evening to present this topic.