Great 250 Club News

There’s been a steady increase in supporters joining the team’s own lottery, the 250 club, recently. This has led to an increase in the prizes from £33, £22 and £11 for first, second and third to £36, £24 and £12 respectively. This is great news for the many supporters who play, but also for the team: 50% of the income from the draw goes to the team to support its running costs and 50% goes to prizes. Why not join in the fun? Although we can’t quite reach the level of prizes of the National Lottery the chance of winning ours is far higher and a much larger proportion of the income is provided as prizes. The way it works is that you “buy” one or more of the 250 numbers for £1 per month for each number you have. Presently 151 of the numbers are sold, so there’s 99 more available still. People usually find paying by standing order is most convenient. So, for example, £2 a month will get you two numbers in the draw, every month. The draw is held when everybody’s stakes are in and the draw is witnessed by two people. Before you know it, there will be a winning cheque for you in the post, and you will have supported the team as well. If you would like to know more about how to play, contact the team’s treasurer on