Tracking presentation

Our Wednesday night training tonight involved an excellent presentation from Greater Manchester Police, on Search Tracking and Clue Awareness. Our guest presenters were Sgt. Roger Clegg and Sgt. Simon Wilkinson, both being well known to us as Missing Person Search Managers. Simon is also a Police Search Officer.

Their powerpoint presentation focused on many recent cases in GMP where tracking and clue awareness has been utilised in the investigation around missing persons and suspicious deaths.

By being clue aware, and having an awareness of very simple tracking techniques, team members can bring such skills into play on the many searches we are regularly involved in, so Roger and Simon’s presentation was particularly useful to us all.

The team is very grateful to them both, for visiting us and imparting their knowledge, and also to the GMP “trackers” who work within the GMP CSI department (Crime Scene Investigation), who put together the powerpoint presentation.