Incident 78/2004

The Team was called out this morning to join in the continuing large scale search for three children aged 9, 12 & 13 who had gone missing on the moors above Nelson. An overnight search including Rossendale & Pendle MRT, Calder Valley SRT, SARDA Search Dogs, Lancashire Constabulary and their helicopter had not met with any success and the Bolton Team were called into the second phase of the search operation.

RPMRT Team Leader Dave Barrington & BMRT Team Leader Garry Rhodes, work out the plan of action.

16 Bolton MRT members including our Search Dog Chi, joined in the search operation with RPMRT, 6 other SARDA search dogs and the Police and members of the local Ranger service. All three children were located at midday in the Burnley area and the search was immediately called off.

Teams vehicles parked up at the search control RVP, Coldwell Activity Centre.

2 news articles appeared on BBC News Online regarding the missing boys. The first article is here, and the second article is here.