Busiest day ever!

To bring our new website online with a “bang” was a massive amount of publicity, courtesy of the BBC!

Our new website was put live at 00:05 on the morning of the 6th October. By the midnight on the 7th/8th October, the site had handled the most amount of visitors ever in a single day – 419. This massive influx of visitors was mainly due to our presence on 3 news articles on the BBC News Online website, which related to our involvement in the major search for 3 missing boys in Lancashire (see incident 78/2004 for details).

In this 24 hour period, we handled 12,646 hits, and transferred some 230MB of data. We would normally see visits from approximately 40 people per day, resulting in approx. 3215 hits.

It just goes to show that our website audience grows considerably when we are involved in any ’major’ incident. We hope that all of our new visitors do come back and keep up-to-date with the latest progress on the team’s activities!