New kit issued to each Team member

Thanks to the tremendous financial support recently obtained from Bolton MBC and our very valued supporter, “DT”, the team today brought into service 27 additional PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices, better known as Lifejackets). These join 18 PFD’s already owned by the team, and previously kept in team vehicles.

Team Leader Garry Rhodes marking up the new PFD’s (No doubt our readers who were once in the Team, will remember what he’s written. Top, Bottom, Front & Back !)

For operational reasons, it has been decided to personally equip all 44 current callout list members with a PFD, and starting today these were issued, and are now carried alongside other items of personal issue kit by all team members. The PFD’s have been purchased to safeguard our members whilst working alongside bodies of water on search & rescue operations. We believe we are the only UK MRT to issue all our members on this basis.