Team commences product testing of “Blizzard” survival product

Readers may recall from the September account of the MRC Conference, that we were issued with a free “Blizzard” vest for testing and our observations and comments.
On our Wednesday night training of the 6th October, this vest was demonstrated in front of the 35 team members present, receiving their critical eye.

A member of the Public out rambling in Rivington, gives the jacket a thumbs up

Today we took the vest out to test it in our team area, by asking members of the public we came across, to try it out and pass on their comments.

Another member of the outdoors fraternity, gives the jacket a try

Although a sunny day, there was a chilled wind, and the emergency shelter nature of the vest could be demonstrated. 8 passing hill walkers, mountain bikers, and ramblers were all asked for their comments, which will be passed on to Blizzard Survival.