Team goes into the 21st Century

Well, the Team moved one step forward into the new technical era today… take a seat as this is how it goes. Three days after our new website went live with an updated appeals section, we received an email from Jerry Nicholls at Zen Internet, offering the Team free broadband access. To say that this came as a great surprise was an understatement. Apparently, Jerry’s wife was browsing our new website and she pointed our plea out to Jerry, who in turn took it up with Zen’s MD, Richard Tang. Between them they came up with a no cost option for the Team. Some members of the Team met Jerry on a Sunday visit to Rivington Pike, his mountain biker companion was asked to test the Blizzard Survival Products Vest. (He can be seen above, doing his Edd the Duck impersonation!)

It took only a week to get the order finialised and tonight Dave Healey & Steve Fletcher our resident techies (well every home needs one – we just have two) turned the router on and we became Broadband enabled.

Our thanks are extended to Jerry, Richard & of course Mrs. Nicholls for making this wish become a reality. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Zen Internet. They can be contacted at