Emergency Planning Seminar

Mike Marsh, one of the team’s Call Out contacts and an operational Deputy Leader, today represented the team at an Emergency Planning Seminar, held at The Watermillock, Crompton Way, hosted by Bolton MBC. Mike’s account of the proceedings follows…

A very interesting session/workshop on a scenario, based upon the events seen in September 2001, in Toulouse, was presented by two assistant divisional officers from Cheshire Fire Service. Their interest in the events at Toulouse was due to the fact that they have a factory in their area that produces the same product as the Toulouse factory (Ammonium Nitrite fertiliser). 40 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrite exploded within the Toulouse warehouse, causing substantial devastation to the town, the explosion being heard 50 miles away.

The session was attended by representatives from Bolton MBC, Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit, Bolton Hospitals, Bolton Primary Care Trust, Greater Manchester Fire Service, Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Ambulance Service, British Red Cross, WRVS, Raynet, Fraser Eagle, Government Office North West and Bolton MRT.

After an initial presentation, the groups where asked to establish their respective responses and involvement. All the voluntary services, BMRT, Red Cross, WRVS & Raynet worked together as one group. Whilst the full time services would generally be involved from the outset, the voluntary organisations would have to be called out to assist. Although they may possibly not involved right from the start in such a scenario, all the voluntary organisations present had a wide variety of skills and equipment that could be used to aid the emergency response throughout the course of such a major disaster.

Thanks must go to Barbara Mockridge, Emergency Planning Officer for Bolton MBC, Phil Waring Events Planning Officer GMP, Brian Wiggins Station Commander GM Fire Service, and ADO’s Joe Whelan & John Lloyd from Cheshire Fire Service for organising the day.