Incident 81/2004

At 12:18 the team was contacted by Lancashire Ambulance Service for assistance to respond to a report of a child who had fallen from a tree within Lever Park. A very fast team response was made from both our base and members training in nearby quarries. Our first responding vehicle met the informant at the roadside in Lever Park at 12:24. Fortunately excellent access was possible to the casualty site via the network of rough tracks in Lever Park. Our vehicles were able to drive straight to the accident site and also transport the LAS crew to the scene.

BM4 arrives at the RV with the LAS ambulance to transfer the casualty to the LAS vehicle.

The 10 year old girl involved, who was being comforted by her mother, was treated on scene for a suspected spinal injuries and placed on a long board with headblocks and cervical collar. She was transported from the scene for onward roadside transfer to the LAS ambulance in BM4, one of our Landrover mountain rescue ambulances. The girl was subsequently taken to Royal Bolton Hospital.

BMRT members transfer the casualty to the LAS ambulance

17 team members and all our vehicles were involved, although most were held back at the roadside RVP.