Remembrance Sunday Service, Lead mines valley

As in previous years, the team attended the Remembrance Sunday Service held at the Bomber Memorial, in Lead Mines Valley, on the fringes of Anglezarke Moor.
This service, which is growing in attendance, is organised by a Chorley man, to commemorate the six aircrew, all Australian, who died in the wartime crash of Vickers Wellington Mk 1, of 28 OTU, RAF Wymeswold, Leicestershire, which crashed onto Anglezarke Moor in the very early hours of Tuesday, 16th November, 1943. ( the date on the memorial, erected by the Rotary Club of Horwich, in 1955, wrongly dates this as November 12th ) The bomber aircraft was taking part in a night time cross country flying exercise, ( known as a Bullseye Exercise ), when it is believed to have suffered major structural failure, as a result of going into a steep dive due to severe wing icing.
13 team members attended the service, with over 130 others, from Rambling and Cycling Clubs, Ranger Service representatives, the Scouts and other members of the public, including an elderly couple who journeyed to the service for their home in Carlisle.

As ever, the organiser invites everyone to next years service.