New members recruitment session

Out of 24 total expressions of interest in joining the team, 13 persons were expected to attend our recruitment session this evening. 9 potential team members actually turned up, and were treated to the team’s excellent new Powerpoint presentation, designed by team member Steve Fletcher. A video clip presentation from TV news items featuring the team on incidents over the last 2 years was also shown, with thanks to team member Dave Healey for putting the tape together.

The 9 persons who attended this session went away with an excellent impression of what being in this team is all about, they also went away knowing how well we look after ourselves, thanks to an excellent buffet prepared by team member Iain Peel.

On Sunday it will be time to dispense with the theory, when all 9 will have a practical day out with the team (at this moment in time arrangements are in hand for the proceedings on this day to be followed by a TV crew!).