Incident 85/2004

At 12:35 GMAS contacted the team, closely followed by LAS, both requesting us to assist in the same incident, concerning a fallen climber in Wilton 3 quarry, off Scout Road, Bolton. A very fast team response was made with the first team member arriving on scene at the same time as the GMAS ambulance.

The crew of Helimed 08 photographed the Wilton quarries, just prior to landing. The incident took place in the Wilton 3 quarry, which is in the upper right corner of this photograph

The 24 year old male climber had slipped whilst ascending a short scramble gulley in the quarry, sustaining head and a possible upper leg injuries. Helimed 08 was also called, and landed in the quarry but was stood down on scene. The climber was stretcher evacuated out of the quarry to the waiting GMAS ambulance at the roadside, and was then taken to Royal Bolton Hospital.

Team members load the casualty onto one of the team’s Bell Mountain Rescue stretchers

23 team members attended this incident which took place in full winter conditions of freezing temperatures, and a lot of snow and ice lying on the ground.