A visit from a sponsor

This morning the Team Chairman Tony McNally, and Fundraising Officer Mark Dooley played host to a long time sponsor and dear friend of the team Edith Lomax and her friend June Tweedley. Regular visitors of this web site will recall how in February this year we presented Mrs. Lomax with a bouquet of flowers and a Team picture in recognition of her continued support. Today we picked Edith up from her residential home and brought her to our Ladybridge Hall base so that she could have a look round and see what her money was being spent on. After a trip in one of our Landrovers to Winter Hill summit it was time to return to Ladybridge Hall for tea and biscuits in the main complex.

Fundraising Officer Mark Dooley, Edith Lomax, and June Tweedley at our Ladybridge Hall base

After the short break it was time to show off our base. Both our guests were impressed with our home and enjoyed their stay with us. We would like to thank the staff of Ladybridge Hall for making our guests so welcome.