Car window team supporter stickers & details of exciting sticker competition

With many grateful thanks to our valued supporter “DT”, the team was able to recently print a large number of Bolton MRT supporter stickers, suitable for placing on car windows, etc.

These stickers have already been distributed free to all our 250 Club members, collection tin locations, and toner collection contacts (if you have not yet received yours, please contact our Fundraising Officer at the below address).

These stickers are now available for general sale at £1.50 each direct from our Fundraising Officer, or £1.80 each including P&P via our Fundraising Officer via email please remember to include you full postal address in the email.
Stickers are also currently available from Campcraft, Newport St, Bolton (Tel: 01204 524504), and will also be available from other sales points in the near future.

Such has been the initial success of these stickers that our kind supporter “DT” and his wife “LT”, have now offered 4 prizes, under the following categories for where our supporter stickers can be spotted.

  • Furthest from Bolton
  • Highest
  • Most unusual place
  • Most travelled sticker


  • A bottle of wine will be awarded to the winner of each category
  • Each entry must be supported by photographic proof in any photographic format
  • The closing date for all entries is December 31st 2005 (please note due to the success of our sticker sales, we have extended the orginal end date of March 31st 2005)
  • All entries must be submitted by this date to our Fundraising Officer via email to

Once all the entries are collected by our Fundraising Officer they will be submitted to “DT” and “LT” for their selection of the winner in each category. This idea came to “DT” and “LT” when on a whim, they photographed a sticker against the backdrop of Ben Lomond, whilst on a recent holiday in Scotland (they of course, are excluded from the competition!).

Our Fundraising Officer is also excluded from the competition, despite having already sent a sticker out to his sister in Perth, Western Australia.

So, remember to pack your team supporter sticker in your holiday holdall, but first of all, you need a window sticker, so let’s see those orders pouring in!