Skill City Manchester World Record CPR attempt

As part of the Skill City event at GMEX Manchester, an attempt was made today on the CPR training world record. A large number of CPR instructors were present from GMAS, Health Trusts, SJAB, British Red Cross and other CPR training institutions. The team was invited to attend and sent along 3 very experienced team CPR instructors (Alistair Greenough, from A&E Warrington, Pete McKale, from GMAS, and Jim Wareing, retired GMAS). Although a large number of the young people present took part in the CPR record attempt, unfortunately there was an insufficient number of people taking part to create a new world record. Nontheless, a very large number of young people went away from the day’s events with very valuable CPR knowledge for the future. The event obviously attracted considerable press, TV and radio interest.