Incident 89/2004

GMAS initially contacted the team at 13.51, with regards to the report of an incident in Rivington, the exact location of which was unknown. Team members already in the general area quickly responded, as the call was then passed to LAS. The team met up with the 999 caller, and it was quickly established that a sledging accident had occurred, involving a 33 year old man, in the fields below the Terraced Gardens at Rivington. Team members were on scene very quickly, and escorted an LAS Ambulance crew to the scene. Suffering suspected lower back and abdominal injuries, the man was stabilised on scene, and the NWAA Helimed 08 was requested for a helicopter evacuation.

Team members treat the casualty, pending the arrival of Helimed 08.

Team members load the injured male into Helimed 08.

Helimed 08 creating a bit of a scene, under full power before lift off.

By 15.23, the man was airlifted in Helimed 08 direct to Royal Preston Hospital, where he was admitted to hospital overnight. In total 21 Bolton MRT members were involved, along with an LAS crew from Chorley Ambulance station.