Incident 90/2004

Whilst personnel were returning equipment to the team vehicles, parked up on an hillside track, at the conclusion of the previous incident, the team became aware of another incident immediately nearby at 15.28 hrs. A 72 year old man out with his wife, had apparently collapsed, and was suffering from concussion and possibly the effects of a stroke. He was treated on scene with Oxygen and then stretcher evacuated to the LAS Ambulance called to the previous incident, which was parked at Lower House Car Park, Rivington. During this evacuation the mans wife then fell ill, and was able with assistance, to walk to one of our vehicles, which then brought her down an icy moorland track to the LAS Ambulance and her husband. Both were taken together to Royal Bolton Hospital in the LAS Ambulance.

Team members treat the injured gentleman.

Casualty evacuation from the incident site to the waiting LAS Ambulance.

Hand over to the LAS Ambulance crew. Picture taken by Gela Griffiths

Again 21 Bolton MRT members were involved in this incident, along with the LAS crew from Chorley Ambulance station.
As a footnote, a team member who actually lived near to the couple involved, offered to drive their car, on their behalf back to their home, from where they had left it in a moorland car park.