Incident 91/2004

With darkness rapidly falling, and whilst packing up kit from Incident 90 ( and kit we still had to pack up from Incident 89 ! ) we received a call from GMAS at 16.23 hrs to go to Winter Hill summit, where there was a report of a person with diabetic problems at the summit. Four team vehicles responded, along with three other team members in their personal 4WD vehicles.
The summit road to Winter Hill TV Station, was impassable to all but 4WD vehicles, with very icy and snowy conditions throughout its entire length.
In darkness, the first vehicles to the summit area, met up with the person involved, who whilst out hillwalking with her husband, and a friend, had become ill, and asked a passing hillwalker to contact 999, and then made their way to the summit TV station. ( not permanently staffed incidentally ) The woman was suffering from her diabetic condition, and the onset of hypothermia. She was brought down from the summit in a team members vehicle, to meet the LAS vehicle at the nearest point they could access, some mile and a half from the summit, on Georges Lane. The 38 years old woman was transferred to the LAS vehicle, and taken to Royal Bolton Hospital.

The summit of Winter Hill, as the sun was setting.

Team vehicles on the summit of Winter Hill, which by now was cold and uninviting.

This time 22 Bolton MRT members were involved, along with the LAS Ambulance and crew from Chorley Ambulance Station, and two Lancashire Constabulary Officers in their 4WD vehicle. Responding GMAS vehicles from both Blackrod and Standish Ambulance stations were stood down early in the incident.
Tired team members then returned to our Ladybridge base, where the four team vehicles involved were washed down, equipment replenished and our Team Leader set to writing up the reports on these three incidents, ably assisted by Deputy Leader Paul Jorgensen.