Incident 93/2004

At 12.54 Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service contacted the team with a report of “persons trapped” in a car hanging over a 200’ drop on Scout Road. The team was mobilised with a full call out and as team members responded, the first fire appliance arrived on scene. Upon arrival at the incident it was clear that the car was not hanging over a 200’ drop and that the occupants of the vehicle could easily be safely removed (the team was therefore stood down responding).

This incident highlights the need for people reporting incidents to be very clear about what they have witnessed. Running to this incident were our 4 landrovers, 1 GMAS Ambulance, Police, 1 Fire pump from Bolton Central, 1 Pump from Bolton North, 1 Aerial Platform, 1 Pinzgauer (a 6 wheel drive all terrain fire appliance) and 1 Emergency Salvage Tender from Farnworth.