Incident 18/2005

The team was contacted at 12:49 by GMAS to attend a moorland incident where a woman hillwalker was reported to have injured her ankle. 12 team members in 3 team vehicles responded very quickly, to arrive at the Pike Cottage, Georges Lane RVP at the same time as the responding GMAS ambulance. The 60 year old woman hillwalker, had slipped whilst walking with her husband. Her husband went down to Pike Cottage to seek assistance and make the 999 call, he was accompanied back to the incident site on Wilders Moor (on the path to “Two Lads”) by the owner of Pike Cottage. He then met up with a passing hillwalker who had offered help to the injured woman.

At 12:58 team members deployed onto the hill, and quickly sought along with the GMAS Paramedic crew, to stabilise the woman’s serious ankle fracture. Painkilling gas and drugs were administered on scene and the woman was stretcher evacuated down to the moorland trackside where the ambulance was waiting.

She was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital and admitted overnight. The team wishes her well for a speedy recovery.

Team members took the woman’s husband in a team vehicle to collect his car from where they had started their walk, and as the couple were not resident in this area, a team member travelled with the man to Royal Bolton Hospital.