Excercise “Pandora”

Organised by the Bolton Emergency Response Group Forum, with help from the GMP Emergency Planning Unit, the team was represented at exercise Pandora, an emergency planning exercise. Taking place at the Watermillock, Bolton. The exercise entailed a scenario of a Bolton rail crash between a passenger train and a chemical freight train. Our DTL Geoff Seddon and search dog handler Dave Marsh both attended alongside representatives from the following bodies:

  • Bolton MBC EPO
  • GMAS
  • GMP
  • BTP
  • Rail operators
  • Environment Agency
  • WRVS
  • Bolton Primary Care NHS Trust
  • Bolton Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Health Protection Agency

The full days’ activities included the initial response, problems and actions arising from this response, and the cleanup and recovery operation. The team welcomed the invite to participate in this Emergency Planning exercise, particularly the opportunity to liaise and work alongside our other colleagues in the various authorities and organisations that would be brought to bear for such a major incident. Our thanks go to Barbara Mockridge, Bolton MBC Emergency Planning Officer for her considerable role in organising this exercise.