Incident 21/2005

At 17.42 GMP contacted our Team Leader for the teams assistance, with the ongoing search for a 20 year old vulnerable man, missing from his home address in the Wythenshawe area of South Manchester, since this morning.
31 team members responded, including our Search Dog Chi and his handler Dave Marsh.

For once a briefing in a warm luxurious room.

On a bitterly cold night, three areas of potential interest to the Police were searched, to no avail.
By 23.30 hours the team had returned back to base, with Police enquiries continuing.

The usual milling in the car park, waiting to go out and search.

Some parts of this search were in the exact same areas we searched in, last December for a missing young women, this time the search being at night time rather than daylight, but undoubtedly the local knowledge we gained from the December search contributed to our abilities to search this area again, in different circumstances this time.