‘Feet Of Fire’ in surprise donation

Regular website readers will be familiar with our fantastic supporters who keep cropping up amidst all our news items on a regular basis, none more so than “DT” and his wife “LT”. Along with some friends, they both turned up to our recent Ceilidth, and had by all accounts a great time. Now we’ve already reported their unique two left feet (four left feet ?) dancing style on the Ceilidth write up, but a big surprise came to our Fundraising Officer tonight when “DT” and “LT” turned up with a wonderfull £200.00 donation !

Now along with this donation came a letter, which is repeated here in full.
“Please accept this donation as way of an apology to any team members I may have embarressed at the Ceilidth. Watching Riverdance every night for a week really paid off (webmaster, I don’t think so !) and I thoroughly enjoyed showing off my dance skills. I hope I will be forgiven for making you all look like you had two left feet, maybe time to change my webname to “Feet of Fire.”

Now we have also been blackmailed to a degree over this donation, (but hey look what’s at stake) So here goes “DT”, as per your request we could not refuse.
“DT’s DANCE MOVES WERE ADMIRED BY ALL.” Rumour has it they are both coming to next years event, so any volunteers to join them in a square set or six couples are advised to wear toe, shin and knee protectors!