Incident 22/2005

At 14:36 today whilst 4 team vehicles were mobile in the team’s area, GMAS contacted the team for assistance at an off-road motorcyclist incident at Cutacre Tip, Wharton Lane, Over Hulton. A full-team page was sent at 14:40 with our first vehicle arriving on scene at 14:50.

Helimed 08 lands almost next to the MRT personnel who is acting as marshall.

Team members were quickly despatched to the incident site to meet paramedics from Highfield ambulance station on-site (very quickly in our team leader’s case, as he obtained a lift from an off-road motorcyclist on the back of his bike). A young man had sustained a very serious leg fracture and NWAA Helimed 08 was called to the scene. Off-road motorcyclists at the site proved extremely helpful in rapidly ferrying cross-country from the roadhead vital first aid and splinting equipment to the casualty site.

Helimed departs for Hope Hospital.

The injured man was airlifted from the scene to Hope Hospital, Salford where he is now detained for treatment. 21 team members were present along with 4 rescue vehicles.