Incident 23/2005

Our Team Leader was contacted mid afternoon today by LANCON, initially for expert local advice, regards help concening the whereabouts of a man for which the Police had concerns for his general well being, and who were in possession of information about a particular location they could not pinpoint.
With descriptions of a location given, our Team Leader was able to pinpoint the likely area to the Wilton Quarry complex on the outskirts of Bolton, and more particularly to the Wilton 1 Quarry.

In more consultation with LANCON, our Deputy Leader was very quickly despatched to the location to liaise with LANCON Offiicers en route.
As the area actually lay within Greater Manchester, this incident brought in the assistance of GMP, with whom both our Team Leader and Deputy Team Leaders then also liaised with. Given the circumstances, GMP Officers were also despatched to the location and a full urgent team call out was made, along with a request for the assistance of the Police Air Support Unit, low cloud having precluded their earlier involvement.

An initial ” hasty ” MR search of the quarry bottom of Wilton 1 was conducted, with searches of a wider immediate area about to commence, when news came that the missing man had been safely located by Police searching elsewhere at another location in connection with this enquiry.
This incident ended a very busy month for the team, thankfully given the circumstances with a satisfactory conclusion.