First aid calls and incidents passed to others

Regular readers will be familiar with our reporting of the many types of incident we get involved in, not generally reported is the small number of calls the Team Leader and Deputy Leader get throughout the year, generally from the Police, which are then redirected to other MRT’s, as the calls lie outside our primary operational area. The last such call was a request for urgent search assistance on Wednesday evening 2nd February, received whilst the team was training at our base.

The call in Ramsbottom was immediately passed to our colleagues in RPMRT along with the information that 30 Bolton team members were available to assist if required. In the event, the missing person quickly turned up whilst RPMRT were collecting information.

Team members ’off-duty’ also regularly need to call on their own casualty care and first aid skills whilst out and about as members of the public. Already this year team members have been involved in 2 incidents of this nature, our Treasurer stopping during rush hour traffic recently to give assistance to a man who had collapsed at the roadside on the outskirts of Bolton, and our Secretary giving assistance at a recent RTA in Warrington. All the above calls sadly regularly take place and utilise the skills and knowledge of team members within the local community, but outside of the team.