MRC Casualty Care Certificate Course in Mountain Rescue Casualty Care

Every 3 years, the team undertakes, as a whole, the MRC Casualty Care Course. We commenced our training on Wednesday 20th October 2004 and it has dominated our Wednesday night training, with occassional weekend training ever since, such are the high standards we place on presenting this course.

On Wednesday 9th March, team members undertook the exacting written examination part of the course, with all members undertaking a trauma and medical practical and oral exam on Sunday 13th March. Prior to both of these dates, all team members had also undertaken a Basic Life Support and CPR practical examination.

We are pleased to announce the team had had a total 100% pass rate on this very demanding course with 41 callout list members passing successfully all parts of the stringent examinations.

We believe we are the only UK MRT to tri-annually put its entire membership through this course with a 100% success rate.

This course could not have happened without the tremendous hard work and organisational input of team Training Officer, Craig Lamb, who through the many ups and downs of arranging this course has managed to get everyone through it.

A course such as this is not possible without the tremendous input of an excellent instructor & lecturing team. The team expresses its full appreciation to the following individuals who have given much time to this course throughout its run:

  • Alistair Greenhough, Warrington A&E (Team member)
  • Gerry Ryan, Royal Bolton A&E (Team member)
  • Mark Harrison, LAS Technician Paramedic (ex-Team member)
  • Annette Atherton, Midwife Royal Bolton Hospital
  • Peter McKale, GMAS Technician Paramedic (Team member)
  • Peter Idle, GMAS Paramedic and Paramedic Instructor (ex-Team member)
  • Stuart Smith, GMAS Paramedic and Helimed 08 Aircrew Paramedic
  • Jim Wareing, ex-GMAS Ambulanceman (Team member)
  • Tony Eaton, Nurse, Warrington Hospital

The team also expresses its thanks to written paper examination invigilators, Dr. Bob Stokes and Stewart Greenwood both of Rossendale & Pendle MRT. We are also grateful to Dr. Bob Stokes for his considerable advice and support throughout our running of the course.

Finally, we would like to thank the following 3 members of 1471 (Horwich) Squadron ATC, who gave up their entire Sunday 13th March to act the role of practise casualties for the practical parts of the examination:

  • Cpl. Sarah Grimshaw
  • Sgt. Steve Chadwick
  • Cadet Scott Bateson

This team prides itself on the quality of its casualty care training which is reflected in the positive comments from the many instructors and lecturers who helped support the course and also their readiness to volunteer to assist with the team in this vital training task.