It sometimes happens on the way home…

Regular readers will know that we occasionally chance across other accidents when both “in and out” of uniform. On the way home after the previous incident team member Jonathan Holt, quickly followed by team members (husband & wife) Paul and Louise Jorgensen, were first on scene on an RTA on Syndale way near junction 5 of the M61 – Chequerbent roundabout area. The young driver of a car, which had collided with a lamppost and then crashed down an embankment was conscious but had suffered from a head injury and was shocked (the car was very badly damaged). Jonathan rendered immediate first aid when by chance he was joined by a SJAB ambulance which also stopped to render assistance.

Next to arrive were a number of fire appliances, the police, and GMAS, who were all responding to the initial 999 call. So, the car driver involved got the best treatment and response available from 5 separate emergency services!

(Please note – incidents of this nature are not generally recorded within the team’s overall incident figures.)