Jim Wareing’s retirement

At our AGM a presentation was made to team member Jim Wareing, who has retired from the team to go and live abroad. Jim, aged 58, first joined the team on the 9th August 2000, with an outdoor stretcher carrying exercise. Jim brought to the team a considerable wealth of experience as he had been a long serving GMAS Ambulanceman and previous to this, although he kept very quiet about his experiences, was a combat medic with the Parachute Regiment of the British Army (his active service experiences, particularly in Aden, he kept very quiet about). Jim attended virtually everything that the team was involved in, and offered much support to less experienced team members by way of first aid training and advice. Regards his sense of humour, well – if you knew him you know what we are on about.

At the AGM Jim was presented with a leaving card signed by all of the team, a just-published book on the history of the Aden Insurgency, and a bottle of whiskey.

Jim will be missed by all the many team members and friends he has made during his team membership, and we wish him and his wife well in their future new home abroad.