£2000 donation news

We were pleased to host this morning at our base a couple who have been extremely kind and generous to the team. Beryl Hainsby is a neighbour of team Training Officer, Fred Taylor, and following the death last year of her brother Geoff, Beryl mentioned to Fred that her brother always said he wanted his money to go to a good cause. As a result of Beryl’s friendship (and her brother Geoff and her husband Jack) with Fred Taylor, Beryl asked Fred would the team like a donation.

As a result of this Beryl along with her husband Jack, joined by their neighbours Fred Taylor, his wife, her mother, and Fred’s son, visited the team this morning for Beryl and Jack to make a £2000 donation to the team (she also informed us that a donation had also been made to the RNLI).

Beryl hands the Cheque to Tony McNally, with husband Jack & Garry Rhodes looking on.

The team is very grateful to Beryl and Jack for their kind consideration in making this donation. It is intended that this donation will be utilised in the construction of our new replacement Control Trailer, with the trailer being dedicated to Beryl’s brother, Geoff.