Incident 48/2005

The team was contacted by GMP H.Q. following a 999 call, regards a report of a young boy with a broken leg in the vicinity of Rivington Pike. Team members who were already in the area because of the Rivington Pike Good Friday annual fair festivities, were able to make a very fast initial response.

The young boy who had been out with his uncle & auntie, brothers & sisters had fallen down the steep side of Rivington Pike itself overlooking Rivington Moor.

The first team members were on scene at 11:55 and diagnosed a displaced kneecap, query fracture around the knee area. The young boy was treated with painkilling gas and his leg injury was splinted.

A GMAS paramedic crew from Blackrod ambulance station was escorted to the scene by the MRT along with 3 GMP officers, also called to the incident.

Because of the nature of the injury and the very rough moorland track the ambulance would have had to take to go to hospital, it was decided to call on the services of Helimed 08 to airlift the boy direct to hospital. At 12:35, Helimed 08 landed close to the scene, at the base of the Pike with team members providing a safety cordon / safety area around the helicopter site.

The casualty is prepared for his Air Ambulance evacuation. In the background, many team members cordon off the incident site & helicopter landing zone, in the interests of public safety.

The casualty is carried to Helimed 08 as the air ambulance crew prepare the Helicopter for take-off.

Many hundreds of visitors witnessed the event unfolding from the vantage point of Rivington Pike. The young boy involved was airlifted from the scene at 12:49 and flown direct to Royal Bolton Hospital.