50th annual Rivington Pike Fell race

The team was on hand once again to provide cover for the 50th annual Rivington Pike Fell Race. This event is one of the oldest races on the calendar and because this year was so special, entrants came from all over the UK to take part. Of the 431 that entered the race, 400 finished of which 17 were former winners although 35 in total attended the meet. The oldest competitors were Alan Robinson, (aged 77) and Lola Smel (aged 71), of Horwich Harriers. The afternoon passed without incident and all who attended are looking forward to next year.

Team members Mark Scott, Mike Marsh, Dave Sarti, Chris Greenhalgh, Tony McNally and Ann Shaw are happy to know that they don’t have to take part in the fell race!
Also pictured: Horwich Harriers runner Steve Barlow, with the Horwich Carnival Rosebud & Princess