Membership news

On Tuesday evening this week, from 21 initial enquiries to join the team, we were expecting 10 persons to turn up to our first of two introductory sessions aim at those persons who wish to join the team.

A misty start for the navigation exercise to Winter Hill Summit

4 persons actually turned up on the Tuesday evening session held at our LBH base and were given an insight into the workings of the team and our membership requirements via Powerpoint and DVD presentations.

Getting to grips with the Troll stretcher and securing the casualty.

Today, 2 of the 4 persons turned up, alongside a late enquiry to join to take part in a full day of practical mountain rescue exercises, again aimed to give an insight into our working.

A practical demonstartion with our casualty care equipment.

The good old stretcher carry back to the vehicles.

We are pleased to accept all three who turned up today as probationary team members, and we wish them well in their six week minimum probationary period prior to their acceptance as trainee team members.

We are also pleased to announce a new team member, Gela Griffiths. Formerly a trainee member of Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team, Gela has now transferred to our team as a full team member.