Bolton South Scouts “Pike View Hike”

Today the team provided a safety cover for the Bolton South District Scouts “Pike View Hike”, an event which is held for teams of Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts and which is now in its 4th year.

The day started off very early, with team members Andy Ryding, Pete McKale, and John Carlin collecting a team vehicle from our base at 05:45 in the morning! The 3 members then joined up with team members Mike Marsh & Steve Fletcher at the campsite at Bibby’s Farm, to start the arduous task of checking the kit of the 154 competitors, to ensure that they met the strict kit requirements for the event.

With all teams finally on their 3 courses by around 10:00, Andy, Pete and John drove round the 14 mile course, which cheifly covered the Rivington village & Winter Hill area, where they were on hand to deal with any incidents, should they occur.

Teams navigated themselves between 8 checkpoints during the day (checkpoint commuications were provided by the Manchester Scouts RAYNET), and they had to complete a number of different tasks (and were scored accordingly).

Aside from one incident (involving a very muddy Explorer Scout) the day passed quite quietly, with only a few teams becoming overdue at a few checkpoints! The final 5 teams arrived back at around 21:00 at night, thus ending a very long day for the Bolton MRT members who assisted on the event.