New Control Trailer Progress

Works which commenced in March, are continuing with the Team’s new Control Trailer (Which has been in store for a couple of years courtesy of GMAS, awaiting its turn to be worked on amidst all the other Team projects)

Intended to replace our exsisting Control Trailer, our new Control Trailer features a better designed interior layout and the “never had before” facilty of a covered briefing area, as well as externally accessed storage cabinets for our scene lighting, generator and myriad of other things, which in the current trailer are inconveniently stored inside, under the map tables.

Special thanks are extended to the parents of Team member Jonathon Holt, who have allowed their garden and garage to be taken over for this project and to the small group of Team members (led principally by Jonathon Holt & John Parish) and Jonathon’s Dad, who are working to get the trailer finished for its anticipated in-service date of Summer 2005.