Very generous donation from Belthorn

The team was approached some 3 months ago by Jim Fletcher of Belthorn, who specifically asked if he team would mind if he raised funds on our behalf with regards to the work we carry out in Darwen and the local Darwen moorland area.

Jim is involved in the Belthorn village social centre, apparently known as “The Shed”, within which a number of fundraising events are regularly held.

We were amazed when Jim contacted us today to receive the money finding out to our considerable surprise that the fantastic sum of £450 had been raised from events based at “The Shed”.

Jim Fletcher and all those associated with raising this tremendous amount have been sent an open invitation to visit our base at any time.

To many of our readers it appears that the majority of our fundraising occurs to the south of our moorland area (north Greater Manchester), but fundraising of this nature shows that we enjoy considerable support to the north of our team area as well, and we give thanks to the people of the Darwen and outlying areas for their continuing welcome support of the team.