Investors in People visit

Some years ago, the team looked into receiving the UK accredited “Investors In People” award. We carried out preliminary studies into this, including getting through the early stages of the assessment process and receiving very favourable comments, however the timing was not right to proceed with this. Today, our team chairman Tony McNally, met again with the Investors In People assessors and this time the team has decided to proceed with the whole assessment process and hopefully achieve the award status.

This assessment process will give the team an opportunity to undergo an external audit assessment, and will give us an accredited indicator of where we stand, particularly in meeting the training needs of our ever keen membership.

The first round of interviews to be held with individual team members is due to take place in early June. We will report progress as and when it occurs.

The team is grateful to Alison Denholm of ChamberLink, the advisory organisation which is assessing the team (we gather that Alison is very impressed on her first aquaintance with the team)