Thanks to S&T Coach Painters Limited, of Blackburn

The complete refurbishment of an ex-GMP display trailer that we purchased over a couple of years ago, and which has been in storage ever since, continues with the aim of providing a brand new control trailer facility. Much work has been done on the internal & external fitment of this trailer, particularly by team members Jonathan Holt, John Parish, and Alan Livesey, ably assisted (and directed) by Jonanthan’s father. This trailer is now nearing completion, and was recently given a full respray to very high professional standards by S&T Coach Painters Limited of Blackburn. We are extremely grateful to this company for their tremendous assistance in the refurbishment of this trailer, for the supply of various materials and particularly their kindness in only invoicing us for the cost of the paint supplied, and freely donating all other costs (which amounted to a lot of money) as a kind gesture of support towards the team.