Second Support Group meeting

The second meeting of our newly formed Team Support Group took place this evening with seven members of the support group attending the meeting, under the direction of our Fundraising Officer Mark Dooley.

As this is only the second meeting, the support group members are still coming to terms with the enormous task facing them, not just in fundraising but also general support of the team.

One of the main tasks of this evening was to measure up all our support group members for their distinctive navy blue coloured summer shirts and sweatshirts featuring the team logo. They will also be issued with the same Keela Odin jacket as all active callout list team members are issued with.

With this kit, the team support group will enjoy the same corporate image as our active callout list membership (albeit our callout members obviously have considerably more items of team issued clothing at their disposal).

The next meeting of the support group will include a presentation by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes on the operational workload of the team, to further familarise and integrate the support group members with the work of the team.