Stand down of team member Mark Dooley

It is with great regret that we announce that team member Mark Dooley has stood down from membership of the team.

Mark joined our team in February 2001 and devoted a considerable and very valued amount of his time to his active callout list membership, and was very committed and dedicated team member.

Mark played a full role in all the activies of the team, his interests leading him to take on the demanding and very time consuming role of Fundraising Officer. Mark in this role, further developed and continued the success of our toner appeal, collecting box network, and introduced a fantastically received team publicity leaflet & team supporter sticker.

He deserves special mention for taking on the task of forming a Support Group from scratch, not just for fundraising purposes but with a much wider remit of supporting the team across all non-operational roles.

Mark’s considerable contribution in forming this Support Group will not be forgotten within the team and its success will be his legacy.

The whole team membership wishes Mark and his family well for the future, and the door is always open for his return to the team callout list membership.

In the interim period of changeover to others within the team who have taken on Mark’s previous responsibilities, Mark will forward any enquiries received in connection with the team to the officers now concerned with these matters.

An updated list of email addresses has been created to facilitate the ongoing operation of the numerous fundraising operations during this period, all of which are available by clicking on our “Contact” page.