Incident 61/2005

At 14:31 the team was paged by LANCON with regards to a mountain bike accident in the Rivington area, the location of which was not known.

The 999 caller had contacted LAS initially, who despatched Helimed 08 and requested the services of the team through Lancashire Constabulary.

The police were also despatching their Air Support Unit helicopter, ON99, when news came in that Helimed had located the injured male mountain biker, and managed to land almost immediately next to his location.

It appears his head injury was only minor and aided by the ambulance crew, the person concerned was able to walk along the local path network towards the ambulance which had been called to the scene. Our DTL, responding in his 4 wheel drive vehicle met up with the casualty on the track and was able to transport him to the ambulance. A small number of team members were stood down on or near the scene with a further group of team members stood down responding.