Incident 64/2005

At 20:52 this evening, GMAS Control contacted our Team Leader for assistance at the scene of an accident where a woman was reported to have fallen off a bridge. The location was the bridge at the junction of Eagley Brow and Hough Lane, over Eagley Brook. Two GMAS ambulance crews, from Bury and Whitefield ambulance stations were called along with Police officers.

The 17 year old female involved had fortunately landed on the banking of the brook rather than the water, and was treated by ambulance crews for a head injury and suspected spinal and hip injuries. A full team pager callout at 20:55 resulted in 28 members responding, with our first member arriving on scene 7 minutes after the callout page. A small number of the first arriving team members helped ambulance and police officers carry the injured teenager back up the steep vegitated banking on a longboard. The casualty was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital, and later arriving team members were stood down whilst responding.