Team member offers helping hand whilst off-duty

Whilst working in the Rivington area today, team member Andy Ryding (a countryside contractor) noticed Helimed 08 had landed very nearby to his location. He went across to see if he could assist, to find out out that Helimed had been called to a road accident in the Rivington area but that they could not locate the accident scene from the information given.

Using his expert local knowledge, Andy was able to pinpoint the location to the Moor Rd area of Anglezarke, a short distance away. As Helimed departed to take on more fuel, Andy drove the aircraft Paramedic direct to the incident scene where they met the crew of the responding land ambulance and treated the person involved in the car accident. Yet again, this is another example of our members putting their skills and knowledge to excellent use whilst not engaged on team activities. (This has not been recorded as an incident by the team as it involved an “off-duty” team member).