Incident 71/2005

At 21:17 Hrs GMAS PEC contacted our Team Leader direct by mobile phone requesting the Team’s assisance with an incident involving a male at the base of a ravine in the Holcombe Avenue area of Elton, Bury.

During the emergency response it became known to the Team that unfortunately the person had died and the operation had become a body recovery incident.

22 Team members responded to the location, which was at the base of the steep sided Elton Brook, accessed through and immediately to the rear of a private house.

The RVP for the Ambulance and MR personnel.

Our first Team member was on scene minutes after the Group Pager call with others very quickly following. The body of the young man who had died was carried up the very steep stream banking to the ambulance at the nearest roadhead.

members prepare to carry the body up the steep sided banking.

A very sad incident, as is often the nature of our work, for the Team members involved, where our expertise in steep ground work can be brought to the assistance of GMAS.