Guest visitors to team

Readers of our website may recall that late last summer, the team purchased an additional number of PFD’s (Lifejackets) for waterside search & rescue operations. The funding of these items was in part thanks to a large donation from the 25th Warrington East, St. Wilfred’s Scout Group. The team gave thanks to the Scouts at the time for their massive fundraising support which entailed collecting at supermarkets in the Warrington area.

Tom, moments before he became an ’exercise’ casualty

Within the scout group itself, the prize of a day out with the team was offered the Scout who had personally collected the most money. Alongside our new member’s day today, this scout, his mother and stepfather, were invited for a full day out with the team. Tom, the Scout involved, enjoyed a tour of our base, some stretcher carrying work, a short strenous walk on our local hills, the experience of being an exercise casualty, and then being carried off the local moorlands above Belmont.

Now, give that casualty an Oscar, good acting Tom !

Tom thoroughly enjoyed his day out with the team, as did his mother and stepfather.

An invite has gone out to his Scout group if they wish, to take part in an exercise with the MRT.