New member’s induction day

On this incredibly warm and humid Sunday, 9 persons turned up for a full day’s practical introductory session into the work of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, with a view to joining as team members.

Originally 28 people expressed an interest in joining which through our careful selection processes, and amount of information sent out, was whittled down by self selection, to the 9 who turned up today.

The “new crew” find that its hard work keeping the stretcher level when there is a 4 foot drop

The “new crew” move across our moorland terrain, getting the hang of carrying a stretcher

A full day of mixed scenario and location exercises was offered and demonstrated to the 9, fully supported by the whole team membership.

Wet feet aplenty with a stretcher carrying exercise above Ward’s Reservoir, Belmont.

The idea here is to have a go at a rescue with just the stuff in their sac’s

All 9 have expressed the wish to join the team, and all 9 have been offered probationary membership of the MRT.