Control Trailer Commissioned

After much hard work over the summer, by a small group of Team members, our new Control Trailer was commissioned into service this evening. Many people had put a lot of work into this trailer with a special mention to the parents of Team Member Jonathon Holt, who allowed the trailer to be intially stored and worked on at their home address.

It is timely to remind our readership that the refurbishment of this trailer took place thanks to the kind sponsorship of North West Bus & Coach Repairs, who carried out a full external refurbishment of the trailer at minimal cost and also contributed much by way of internal fitment materials.

The cost of the works associated with the trailer have been totally met by a very kind bequest by Beryl and Jack Hainsby, following the sad death of Beryl’s brother, Geoff.

Although now in service, the formal dedication of this trailer will take place on Wednesday evening 31st August 2005 during our Investor’s in People award’s evening.

Internal shot of the new Control Trailer showing the Communications Operators position, with mobile phone, 2 x MRT Radios & Ambulance Radio.

Internal shot showing the Incident Controllers location.

This Trailer which has been custom built to our exacting requirments, will be a vast improvement over our now decommissioned Control Trailer, which gave many years of sterling service. As you would expect the Trailer is fully equipped with differing radio systems and IT mapping systems, with much thought given to lighting and heating details, as well as immediate power being available from an on-board battery system, independent of the generator that it carries.

External shot.

External shot showing rear storage compartment, access and briefing / debriefing area (which can be covered).

A lot of Team members assisted with the work on this trailer, with very special and specific mention being made of Team members Jonathon Holt, John Parish, Dave Healey and Alan Livesey. (Not forgetting the valueable support of Team member Stephanie Holt)