Donation of our decommissioned Control Trailer

With our new Control Trailer now in service, we decided a short while ago to donate our now out-of-service Control Trailer to our colleagues in Cheshire Lowland Search & Rescue Team (members of the Association of Lowland Search & Rescue), who lacked such a facility within their Team.

Today, four members of Cheshire LSART journeyed to our Ladybridge Hall base to collect our old Control Trailer, along with many internal fittings and fixtures which we also decided to donate.

Cheshire LSART, represented at today’s handover by Malcolm Pritchard & Ray Milne, were overjoyed with their new acquistion and handed over a very kind letter of thanks from Mark Jeffers, the Team Leader of Cheshire LSART.

Garry Rhodes hands over the keys to Cheshire LSART’s Ray Milne.

We hope our old Control Trailer in Cheshire LSART’s hands proves as useful and gives as many years service as we enjoyed from it, and we look forward to seeing pictures of it on Cheshire’s website in its new ownership.

As with the donation of our previous Team clothing to Cornwall Rescue Group (a member of MR – E&W) and the donation of our out-of-service Renault Minibus to Hampshire Search & Rescue Team (a member of ALSAR), the Bolton Team is pleased to be able to support its colleagues elsewhere in the UK, in the provision of a voluntary search and rescue service to their local communities.